Unlimited internet for 3 days, including rental of the LTE modem


All venues offer a free unlimited use of WiFi Internet. No rights can be derived to this free service and the quality and speed of these WiFi HotSpot connection is highly dependent on the total use and occupancy. For the Second Home Expos & Bibac Plus in Belgium, the organisation offers free extra capacity, so that faster internet use is possible.

For a faster and more stable Internet connection, we advise you to order a wired/wireless connection: please contact our partner Citymesh sales@citymesh.com mentioning the name of the exhibition, venue, date and stand number or use this link for Antwerp Expo or this link for Flanders Expo Ghent, to order specific applications.

You can also order ‘Unlimited internet for 3 days, including rental of the LTE modem‘. An LTE Modem receives a 4G / LTE signal and converts it to a WiFi channel. 32 users can connect to this at the same time, via WiFi and 3 via a fixed Ethernet connection. It is very easy to connect the LTE Modem. All you have to do is connect the device to the mains. We have already set up the LTE Modem for you. It is a matter of plug & play! Unlimited internet without FUP (Fair Use Policy).

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